The Bamboo Hut is a hideaway hut accommodation in the mountain at Mae Wang District, the southwest of Chiang Mai town. We invite you to experience the unmatched rural and Karen tribes village in a part of the highest summit in Thailand Doi Inthanon Mountain. Our village name is Mae Sapok about 50 kilometers away from Chiang Mai city, the interesting destination suitable for tourists who are fond of the beauty of nature and love to experience a soft adventure. Where you can observes their unique lifestyle and culture in the hidden hill-tribes village a 100 years old village in the hills. The Mae Sapok Village is the habitation of city people and Karen who live together happily and harmoniously, we can live, study and work together.

If you are a true nature and adventure seeker here is your paradise compilation. Stay in the bamboo hut among the natural forest escape from the chaotic city. You can experience the fun and exciting activities as well as elephant riding to be embraced in the verdant forests, water rafting and bamboo rafting down the Mae Wang River the main stream from Doi Inthanon to explore the rich nature on both sides of the river and have a wonderful experience with elephant training course. Enjoy exploring the nature of the northern, the wonderful Eco-tourism routes in Chiang Mai. Jungle walks to visit the hill-tribes villages, magnificent water falls and natural study.