The Bamboo Hut is short walk uphill from the village road, a great place to have a relaxed and watch the beautiful view.  Watching the hundreds of birds and squirrels in the trees around or and insects is a pleasurable experience.  Sit around the campfire listening to the sounds of the jungle at night, Giant glow-in-the-dark beetles streak through the night. In the morning, awake to the sounds of the jungle coming to life.
We provide two bamboo huts can accommodate a total of 4-6 people in each hut with mattress, mosquito net and bathroom.  The huts decorated in traditional Northern Thai style combine with Karen tribes style.
We serve breakfast with fresh tropical fruits, bread, eggs dishes, cereal, milk and pastry.  There will be the traditional meals set served for lunch and dinner.  You also can cook your own meal in our traditional kitchen, using the charcoal stove or cooking by the log fire. 
We provide a simple bar facility as well as beer, soft drinks, coffee, snack and bottled drinking water.  

Make sure you try something new.  You never know, it may become your favorite dish!!

The jungle food BBQ party can be ordered in advance prior one day.  Our Karen hill tribes staff will hunt the food from the jungle and from their organic farm.  You will enjoy the BBQ dishes as well as birds, frogs, roosters, buffalo meat, organic vegetables (eggplants, sweet corns) jungle vegetables & herbs, bamboo-shoots.  Try to taste the fried insects, sticky rice cook in bamboo tube, Red Ant eggs BBQ cook in banana leaves, rice & corn whisky, fresh Black Myrobalan fruit (Haritaki or Chebulic Myrobalan), fruit Amalaki fruit or Emblic myrobalan and roasted Thai chestnut. Special order for snake soup.

  • Some dishes are the seasonal menus.  
  • If the wild meat  or any menus are too strange for your taste, the cooking ingredients are changeable to use the usual meat but the recipe is unchanged. 
The basic medicines, basic personal care products, raincoat, insect repellent spray, lighter, flashlight and battery AA & AAA are also available for sale.
If you smoke, get enough of the brand of cigarette you smoke. Have good pair of walking shoes. The photocopy of your passport.
(available for sale)
Insect repellent
 (available for sale)
Long sleeve shirt and long pants for the night and insects protection.
Swimming suit or trunks for swimming in waterfall. Have a sweater with you in case it gets cold in the winter night during December to January about 10-15 degree Celsius.