Stay with us for unforgettable natural Thailand experience in various styles as well as farmer experience, jungle trekking, elephant riding and bamboo rafting.
Mae Wang District is an interesting destination suitable for tourists who are fond of the beauty of nature and love to experience an adventure trekking.  One can experience the cool breeze of the forestry.  The vegetation ecosystems are Mixed Deciduous Forest, Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest, Evergreen Forest and Pine Hill Forest.  Wildlife seen here are mammals, reptiles, amphibians, aquatic animals, birds and butterflies.  The eco-trail shows the beautiful waterfalls, the wonderful hill-tribe people cultural and stunning images of natural forests.  There are many beautiful waterfalls around our jungle camp with named and unnamed.  Have fun playing in a waterfall the natural Jacuzzi bathing.  The waterfall flows and hits your body to give you a healing touch.  Here is a natural therapy of massage with no fees. 
Enjoy explore the natural beauty hiking within 3 kilometers around the Bamboo Hut.  Trekking along the village walkway to hill tribe organic farm, Karen tribe village, small waterfall behind the Bamboo Hut, elephant camp, Karen souvenir shop, local snacks shop, Mae Sapok waterfall and Mae Sapok Royal Project.
The nearest elephant camp is Mae Win Elephant Camp only 4 kilometers from our jungle camp.  An interesting activity when you are in Mae Wang District is elephant riding. Swaying on an elephant back slowly lumbering through the forests under a mahout’s control is a kind of pleasant traveling. This activity is suitable for everybody. Riding on elephant back allows you to get close to nature like trekking but you will not get too tired due to walking.
Anyway, it can’t be said that riding on elephant backs is totally comfort. There are times when elephants lumber up or down hills and the passengers on their backs will have to get a good grip on the howdah and balance themselves well in order not to fall off. Also, the passengers have to dodge from branches of trees and plants brushing against their heads. Sometimes, some elephants will walk off the trail to eat some leaves. The mahout will let them do so for a while and then drive them back onto their track.
At some points, the elephants will have to cross streams. The playful ones who love playing in the water will stand for a relatively long time in the streams and use their trunks to spray water to their passengers. So, be prepared to get wet as well. The charm of the forests makes time fly so fast that you will forget that one hour has passed already.

After coming back to the starting point, the elephant camp will prepare a large amount of bananas for tourists to buy for the elephants. These lovely and clever elephants will linger near the bananas and raise their trunk in front of them in a cute manner to ask for the fruits. Almost all tourists can’t help falling in love with them and buy several hands of bananas for these jumbos.

The elephant camps those provide the elephant training course in our area are the ELEPHANT SPECIAL TOURS (Deutsche & English speaking guide) and EDDY CHIANG MAI ELEPHANT CARE. (English speaking guide) read-more

The rafting station is located in the Sob win only 11 kilometers from our jungle camp.   The Mae Wang River is a long but not wide river with some isles and rocks amid the swift current. Degrees of difficulty are only 1-2 which is more suitable for bamboo rafting than the dinghy rafting. Its shady scenery will make you feel relaxed. A rafting trip on a bamboo raft takes about one hour.  Two to four passengers can go on a raft with the steersman at the bow of the raft.
Along the rafting course are luxuriant forests. This makes rafting a form of joyous natural study. This is different from trekking on foot in that travelers can feel the cool water splashing on their bodies when the raft passing rocks. Rafters can admire the scenic landscape along the rafting course as well. They will get to know plants, birds, insects, butterflies and several kinds of fish. All these are pleasurable rewards given by nature.  Rafting along the Mae Wang River can be operated all year round except in the rainy season (June – October) when the current is very strong and too dangerous for rafting.


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