GPS COORDINATE:  18.664962, 98.622624
+18 39′ 53.86″, +98 37′ 21.45″
For your convenience please let us know about your arrival.  We will provide the pick up service from Chiang Mai city.
The direction details are started at Chiang Mai City, for more details please click on the bold words.
  1. The yellow bus “Baan Kad” station is located at the Chiang Mai GateCHIANG MAI GATE around the traffic light near the “Rhuampath Chiang Mai Hospital”.  Taking the “ yellow bus to Baan Kad YELLOW BUS TO BAAN KAD at the latest 2.30 p.m, the yellow bus will departure every 15 minutes.
  2. The bus will takes about 1 hour to “Baan Kad Market” Mae Wang.  Tell the bus driver to drop you off at  Baan Kad Market BAAN KAD MARKET (you will see the almost of passenger get off here).  The fare is 30 Baht/ person (1 USD).  In case of you missed to get off at the market, you can keep going until you reach the  end of route
    (8 kms. away from Baan Kad Market).
  3. There is only one bus going up to the mountain route’s name is Baan Kad – Mae Hae.
    The bus will departure from the Baan Kad Market at 4.00 p.m. and the same yellow color.  There will be two buses park at the market, the bus which going to the mountain will turn the front up to mountain and the bus which going to the city will turn the front to the city.
  4. Please show the Thai script to driver, then they will transfer you to “The Bamboo Hut”.  To download the script please click here.  We usually tell the bus driver at “Baan Kad Station” about our guest arrival.  Just please show the script to them.   The fare is 50 Baht / person (1.62 USD).
  5. The bus will takes 30 minutes driving, you will see the Mae Sapok Waterfall sign
     on your left-hand side and our Hut is located up the hills.
  6. You also can hire the yellow bus to transfer you directly to “The Bamboo Hut” from the Chiang Mai City. The bus fare is about 700 – 1000 Baht / trip or for maximum 12 persons (USD 22.81 – 32.58).  If you need the assistance about the direction and bargaining the price please call to our phone no. 0844808902. 
  7. The yellow bus drivers are not speak English but they are friendly, helpful and used to serve foreigner tourists.
The totally distance from the Airport Intersection to our Hut is about 53.7 kilometers and will takes 1 hour driving.  Please call us if you need more assistance while you are on the road to phone no. 0844808902.
  1. Start from the  Airport Intersection
    then take the road no. 108 or Chiang Mai – Hang Dong Road for 18.4 kilometers to Sanpathong District.
  2. Turn right to the  road no. 1013
    ROAD NO. 1013
    before the KTB Bank to Mae Wang District.  Driving for 10.4 kilometers you will see the  big junction
     then turn right to continue driving on the road no. 1013 around (there are many ads signs put at the junction). Please make sure that you have turned to the right road. This junction is already passed the Baan Kad Market (the big local market which has 7-eleven, Tesco Lotus and banks) about 2.2 kilometers.
  3. From that junction continue driving to the Mae Sapok or Mae Win village for 23.3 kilometers you will see the subroad going to the “ Mae Sapok Royal Project
    on your left-hand side.  (Looking for the “ Mae Wang Waterfall Sign
    and temple signs on your left-hand side, the road level starts to much higher than the way you took, from this point prepare to turn left in the next 700 meters).
  4. When turning left from the main road, driving for 1.6 kilometers.  You will see the  Mae Sapok Waterfall sign
     on your left hand side and our Hut is located up the hills.  For your convenience you can park your car in our parking area down the hill.  The vehicles those can drive up this hill
    are 4WD car, high lift pickup truck and motorcycle.

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